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Accountability- to hold to account, to account for what is so. What is so? That is, what ‘is’. There is no right or wrong, good or bad in what is so. There just ‘is’. When I coach, or any coach practices, I hold to account my clients. There is no judgement, or ‘you are a bad person because you didn’t do as you said!’.

A mature conversation might look like ‘What obstacles have occured such that you did not do what you said’. As opposed to the usual less-than-mature conversations we tend to have (see judgment, criticism, etc.)

We live in a society that so easily discards our word, to others and particularly, to ourselves. We also do what is easy, what is there in the moment, even if it is counter, or undermines, what we really want (like weight & money goals, etc.). Why is that? Training? Lack of motivation? Lack of commitment? Weakness?

True evolvement means we say what we do, do what we say. Clean it up if you don’t. All the rest is baggage that leads to alot of emotional upheaval, meaning-making. What is so, is what is so. The rest is story, interpretation, often garbage. Holding to account can be clean-say what is so. If it is not in alignment with what you want, consider what you need to do different. It’s your word, what is it worth to you??

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As I return from the wilderness, I once again am more fully aware of the life in the natural setting, and the one I have created here. I even caught myself saying when I returned, ‘back to real life’. But is it? That is a habit around how I see my daily life, sad but true. Real life. I had to laugh, I just spent 5 days in the wilderness, where life couldn’t be anymore organic and beautiful, and I am calling this that I do daily, real. As Bill the Cat would say, ‘Spffffft!’

So once again I have the opportunity to redefine what I call real life. It is always so apparent upon return. Connection-to me, to others; to write what I feel or express myself in some other way; to nurture and help grow others, often this shows up as plants, sometimes people; flow-no lists or agendas, and no to-dos! Do what ever is next, best to do, mostly to breathe in the beauty.

I wonder what is could be for you?

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Do you ever have one of those days, or maybe weeks, where things just aren’t going as you want, or they should? Often you wonder, what in the world is going on, what can’t I make this work, what’s wroing with me? Or some version like this. I know what you are going through. Even being a highly evolved (strokes of laughter) wellness coach, you would expect that I would have it all figured out. Well, news brief, I don’t. Frustrating as it all is, I work just as hard as the next being trying to evolve in keeping it going, keeping positive, or not giving up. It ain’t easy (you ought to be shaking your head in agreement). But, when I think I am going to, I don’t. Not yet, not this time. Frustrating as it all is, I will keep working on it, though it may seem stupid. This is my commitment, what I said I wanted to do. Failure only happens when I give up, not when it gets tough and ugly. So I haven’t failed yet. And I can still explore other avenues. Got to, cuz I ain’t giving up…..

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