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What is it that could take away the satisfaction of life, cause us to develop bad habits, drive drunk, develop eating disorders, zone in front of the tube for hours, or even cheat on our mate? This same factor could lead to premature death, by causing you to be sick or promote illness. What is this factor? Boredom.

Boredom is a condition characterized by the perception of one’s environment as dull, tedious, and lacking in stimulation. This, of course, in contradiction to a life of passion, adventure or even just contentment! So pervasive in our lives that many of us don’t even notice it!

21% of Americans say they are bored regularly. Researchers think it is even more. And, boredom is a form of stress and can wreak havoc in our lives. Many ease their boredom with eating, drinking, infidelity or other forms of not-so-healthy self-indulgence. And it can lead to depression.

But, it is cureable! Where are you bored in your life? How does this boredom show up, and what are the results?

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I have begun to wonder how I try to work my life so efficiently- grouping like trips together, not wasting resources by running all over, etc.   Has this really cost me in other ways.   I ponder this thought.  Maybe efficient isn’t so efficient.

The cost? More time building business, more time building relationships, doing more of what I want.   But I get done those things that are together.   Is it a function of my organizational ways? My never ending task list? That which has me always going, with little down time? I contemplate this as I seek to find balance….

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I wondered this morning about the ways I view my life. In hindsight, it is so easy to take out of proportion what was so, minimize or extravagate. How can we see ourselves clearly in our rear-view mirror?

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Hello world!

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