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At this time of the year, people want to make changes in their life, so they set up ‘New Year’s Resolution’. But many will fail. This is because the fail to establish a workable plan that they are committed to accomplishing.

Ideally, goal-setting involves establishing specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives. When established in this way, goal setting is an effective tool for making progress since participants know what they must do to achieve or help achieve an objective.

We can determine our goals by being clear on what is important to us. By understanding our values, we can set more appropriate goals for ourselves. Instead of the generic ‘I want to lose weight’, than we can set up SMART goals around this with a higher likelihood of success.

How is this different than a New Years Resolution?  By setting up SMART goals, your can better access, in a realistic and practical way, the life you want to be leading.  When you make a New Year resolution, you are hoping for a change, wishing something better or different. But without a follow through, a plan of action and maintenance, it is likely not going to be much more than a nice idea.

And aren’t your dreams worth more than that?  So, what do you need to change your New Year’s resolution into a successful solution?

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What is wellness coaching? What’s in it for you? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be living the life YOU really want? Have you found barriers that you can’t over come on your own? Is your energy zapped from all the daily stuff you are supposed to be doing? Do you find yourself putting your self last?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you could use a wellness coach! A wellness coach can help you determine what you want with your life, your health, your fitness, your wellbeing, and then work with you to successfully get there! And coaching helps you gain the confidence & tools to eventually be leading a healthy life on your own.

Do you want energy? Do you want to shed those extra pounds? Do you want to reduce your blood sugars, pressure or cholesterol? Do you want to feel good in your skin? Take control of your life, get the support you need, hire a coach, and be WELL!

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